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What do we offer

Elevate your career potential with our platform

Increased employability

Moxy helps students to identify and fill gaps in their skills and knowledge, increasing their competitiveness in the job market and their likelihood of securing a job after graduation.

Improved career prospects

Moxy helps students to identify career paths that match their interests and strengths, increasing their likelihood of success and job satisfaction.

Global career opportunities

Moxy prepares students for success in global job markets, increasing their likelihood of securing jobs abroad or in international companies.

Entrepreneurial success

Moxy provides students with the resources and guidance to start their own businesses, increasing their likelihood of success as entrepreneurs.

Industry partnerships

Moxy has partnerships with companies and organisations across a variety of industries, providing students with valuable connections and insights into different career paths.

AI and Data-driven insights

Moxy uses AI and data analytics to track student progress and identify areas for improvement, ensuring that students are always receiving the support and recommendations they need to achieve their goals.


At Moxy, we believe that every dream deserves a chance!

Personalised career assessment

Moxy assesses students’ skills, interests, and goals, and creates a customised career path that matches their strengths and prepares them for success in the job market.

Job matching

Moxy offers job matching services that connect students with job opportunities that match their skills, interests, and career goals.

Global career resources

Moxy provides resources and information on global job markets, including job opportunities, work visas, and employment regulations etc., in different countries.

International study programs

Moxy offers information and support for students interested in studying abroad, including language immersion programs, cultural exchange programs, and exchange programs with partner universities abroad through our partner AQCELLOR Academy.

Professional development resources

Moxy provides students with access to resources that help them to build their professional skills, such as CV-building tools, interview preparation resources, and networking opportunities.

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Who we are

Moxybase is a ground-breaking skills assessment platform that helps students fill in knowledge gaps to face the business world with confidence.

As our name suggests, we have the determination and the ‘moxy’ to make your skills grow!

Our aim is to help streamline and assist in mapping out your entire skill set to ensure that you identify and secure the career that you genuinely deserve.

What we do

We give you a well-rounded student experience that encompasses all aspects of your education and personal development.

We measure your ability to apply education to practical situations through offering a wide range of assessments that simulate real-world scenarios.

How we do it

Our platform employs real-world data and compares it to your current skills set to assess your abilities accurately and determine how well you are suited to do a particular job or task.

We provide insights into knowledge and skill areas that may require further training and development.

Therefore, our approach to skill assessment ensures that we can match individuals with the right opportunities and help them achieve their full potential.

Do not let your limitations stop you from landing your best career!

It’s time to prepare now!

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